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and the HomesByWATSON team

While working at a franchise brokerage we were #23rd in all of Canada and #97 Internationally.

We have developed a great system for helping our clients and a strong network support professionals in their respective fields. Your every need will be looked after.

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When you think of Jim and Cathy… do you think of words like intensity, commitment and experience? Well read on and consider the benefits of having Jim and Cathy as your Realtorę!


It’s the first thing you notice about Jim and Cathy Watson, they look directly at you focusing 100% of their attention on you. You see their intensity, yet you intuitively feel that they care and that they are interested in what you have to say. Soon you are at ease and talking comfortably with them, like long lost friends.

As you talk, you begin to understand why Jim and Cathy are the very best in real estate. They grasp the key elements of conversation instantly; answers are thoughtful and precise. They radiate an inner confidence, and an inner joy that comes from personal achievement.

Jim was born and raised in Ajax, a small town just East of Toronto where his family ran a small business. It was here that Jim learned the value of a dollar, hard work and treating your customers right.

At 19 (1974), Jim obtained his real estate license and became increasingly fascinated with the study of human nature. At 23, after working through university as a swimming instructor at the University of Waterloo and with a bachelors degree (psychology) in hand, he began employment as a counsellor teaching personal coping and problem solving skills. Jim earned his second degree from the University of Windsor in 1984.

Cathy was born and raised in Guelph and grew up entrenched with wholesome family values in a mid sized Ontario town.

Cathy also worked her way through school and obtained an education in the social sciences from the famous George Brown College in Toronto, in addiction counselling. Cathy has worked at the University of Guelph and for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, coincidentally, where Jim and Cathy met.


In 1986 Jim and Cathy experienced the birth of their first child and began their new roles as parents. Jim ran the Windsor-Detroit International marathon (26+ miles) to top off a great year.

In the following year, although in a satisfying career Jim yearned to return to real estate sales. Applying the lessons learned from life, Jim was determined to approach real estate as a client-centered and service-oriented business, setting up the highest quality team of professionals and programs to support his innovative marketing style.

In 1990 Cathy entered the real estate profession and became a licensed Realtorę. Cathy’s previous training made her a natural fit in providing clients the highest levels of service.

In 2004 Jim earned his real estate broker’s license. In 2005, Jim and Cathy decided it was time to take their service commitment to the next level and Homes By WATSON Realty & Appraisals Inc. was born; Thereby taking complete control of client service.

Jim and Cathy push themselves to be the best they can be. Not content just to do what’s been done before, they provide their clients with unsurpassed levels of service and performance. They use the very latest in cutting-edge technology.

Starting in the early 2000s and continuing through today Cathy and Jim keep expanding their sphere of influence volunteering on many Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtor committees, mentoring, attending networking groups and sportsmen’s organizations.


Jim and Cathy know that there has never been a time when people with vision have been needed as much as they are today. With the volatile real estate market now into the 21st century, it’s imperative to hire a Realtorę who remove themselves from the attitudes of the masses. The need for someone, who can create solutions rather than allowing general market conditions to dictate results, has never been greater.

As the conversation continues you find yourself talking openly and honestly with Jim and Cathy telling them your real estate dreams and aspirations. You tell them you need to sell your current home to buy your dream home. They systematically lay out their powerful “140 point home marketing campaign” explaining how each element works altogether to insure you receive the best possible price for your home. Then how they will use their “33 point home buyer care plan” designed to help you make sense of today’s confusing marketplace and help you find that “dream home”.

Does It WORK?

The evidence is not hard to find – Jim and Cathy’s track record speaks for itself – since 1987 many, many, many 100’s moved.

“We believe that long term success is built by providing an uncompromising level of service”.

When you hire Homes By WATSON as your Realtorę, you get a team who ensure that every detail is handled perfectly. No single Realtorę can always be there but we can. You have our commitment that we will give you 100%.

You know Jim and Cathy Watson are the only choice. 

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