140 Point Home Seller's Performance Marketing Campaign

Our listing preparation
A few more past sales of happy home sellers...

21. Review brokerage credentials, accomplishments and how we “EMPLOY ALL REALTORS; not just franchise company salespeople” to get you sold. That’s many many tens of thousands locally, regionally, provincially and nationally.

22. Explain the various agency relationships using Working With a Realtor pamphlet and get acknowledgement that this has been reviewed

23. Give the you an overview of current market conditions and projections

24. Present the CMA to you including comparable sold properties and current listings

25. Offer pricing strategy based on experience and current market conditions

26. Discuss a marketing plan to meet the your goals

27. Explain the advantages and power of Multiple Listing ServiceŽ

28. Explain the use and power of web marketing and www.realtor.ca (many millions of buyer views per month)

29. Explain the work we do behind the scenes and our availability at night and on weekends

30. Explain the Realtor’s role in taking calls and screening for qualified buyers and curiosity seekers using our “Buyer care programme”

31. Present and explain the strategic master marketing plan

32. Review and explain the Listing Agreement and obtain your signature - provide copies

33. Review and confirm all legal descriptions and ownership details

34. Confirm lot size from your survey - if no survey is available, make a note on the listing

35. Note any lot line fencing, easements and variances

36. Discuss with you the possibility of seller take back mortgage (STB) and other options

37. Offer you or your relocation company “Sold in 90 days or we’ll sell it for $0!” You pay only the selling brokerage fee. Terms apply

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