140 Point Home Seller's Performance Marketing Campaign

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38. Provide home staging advise

39. Provide any required of our “critical reports”

40. Measure and record all room dimensions

41. Obtain house plans if available

42. Make a copy of any house plans

43. Copy survey and retain in listing file

44. Advise you of how showing appointments will be made

45. Prepare instructions for Realtors showing the property and confirm with you the best times to show to prospective buyers

46. Have Mortgage Verification Forms signed and submitted to mortgagee

47. Verify with lender any penalties, terms and current rates and if the mortgage can be discharged

48. Check on whether the existing mortgage can be assumed and under what terms

49. Confirm any Condominium Fees or Homeowner Association fees currently in effect

50. Get a copy of the Condominium bylaws, if applicable

51. Confirm supplier of hydro or any other provider of this utility

52. If required, calculate the utility usage for the past 12 months from your records

53. Verify the availability of any septic bed layout or permits at time of installation

54. Water – if municipal, check on rates for the past 12 months

55. Well water – confirm well status and have Health Unit test so remedial steps can be taken if required. Advise of any abandoned wells on the property and put on the listing

56. If required, determine natural gas, heating oil or propane supplier’s name and telephone number

57. Note on listing any rented appliances i.e. hot water tank, furnace, etc.

58. Verify security system - owned, rented, terms and service terms

59. Ascertain if any lead-based paint, asbestos insulation, UFFI or other latent defect needs to be disclosed

60. Prepare a list of property features such as pool, sauna, whirlpool, landscape pools and special plants

61. Prepare a list of chattels included or excluded from the sale of the property

62. Compile a list of recent improvements, repairs or maintenance

63. If property is vacant, advise you to contact insurance company

64. Explain the advantages of a lock box and have extra keys made

65. Verify if property has rental units. If so:
 Inquire as to whether they comply with the zoning by-law, fire and electrical safety
 Make copies of all rental agreements
 Determine ownership of any appliances or other chattels
 Verify and list all rental amounts and deposits held
 Inform tenant of the listing and discuss how showings will be handled

66. Arrange for installation of For Sale sign

67. Assist you with filling in the Seller Property Information Statement

68. Give you a blank copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and discuss it

69. Explain the offer presentation process and the possibility of multiple offers

70. Discuss the type of conditions that will likely be included in an offer to purchase

71. Discuss results of Curb Appeal Assessment, Interior Décor Assessment and discuss ways to improve appearances for showings

72. Load listing into personal database for transaction management

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