140 Point Home Seller's Performance Marketing Campaign

Our guerrilla Marketing Campaign
We keep your property on the market “24 hours a day”
A few more past sales of happy home sellers...

78. Online buyer paging while buyers are viewing your virtual tour they can page to our team. Frequently we speak with the buyer when they are viewing your virtual tour

79. Create, with your input our “guerrilla marketing campaign” including;
 Social media (google.ca facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com)
 Yard signs
 Postal and e-mailers
 Brochures
 “Cross marketing” on other promotional marketing materials

80. Use active (not passive) marketing for buyers including:
 Knocking on doors
 Calling on the phone
 “Buyer matching.” Since 1987 we’ve been using our computer database to match up known buyers to our listings

81. We try to properly pre-qualify all buyers prior to showing your property

82. Co-ordinate showings with you, tenants and other Realtors. Return all calls – weekends and evenings included

83. Install lockbox if authorized by you

84. Prepare personal mailing and contact list

85. Generate mail merge letters\e-mails to contact list

86. Prepare “Just Listed” cards, flyers and handouts

87. Constantly review MLS® listings to ensure property remains competitive in price

88. Prepare property marketing brochure for your approval

89. Arrange for printing of approved brochure and distribution

90. Link property brochure to all online marketing

91. Hand out “Just Listed” notices to the immediate neighbourhood residents

92. Provide marketing data to all buyers

93. Promote your property to other Realtors

94. Assist with other Realtor’s pre-inspecting your property for their buyers, as requested

95. Price changes promptly conveyed to all databases and internet groups

96. Reprint supply of brochures as required

97. Update mortgage information as available to all marketing facilities

98. Follow-up feedback emails and faxes sent to representatives who have shown the property

99. Provide verbal and written feedback from the Realtor showing your property. Every showing is recorded and monitored for results and offers

100. Work with other Realtors who have buyer interest in your property assisting in the production of an offer

101. Discuss feedback from showing representatives with you to determine if changes are required to accelerate the sale

102. Based upon what the buyers are telling us about your property we continue to make suggestions to enhance marketability

103. Written bi-weekly “Progress Toward Sale”. Discuss with you and mail (postal or e-mail) our unique report

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